Submitting Manual Transactions

Submitting Manual Transactions

If you were unable to capture a transaction due to a technical issue or cashier error, you can now submit a transaction manually for approval and payment. 

To submit a manual transaction, open the Red Card POS V2 app and follow these instructions:
  1. Click "Transactions" on the bottom menu bar of the Red Card POS.
  2. Click "Add Transaction" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the date and time that the original transaction occurred as accurately as possible. NOTE: This is important to ensure that the charge is reflected on the athletes balance correctly.
  4. Select the athletes name from the Suggested Athletes list or search for the athlete by Name or ID number. NOTE: The suggested athletes are athletes that MAY HAVE checked-in to your restaurant but not not have a transaction on the date/time you specified.
  5. Enter the original transaction amount. NOTE: The transaction may not get approved for the full amount if the amount you enter is greater than the athlete's remaining balance.
  6. Take a clear picture of the original receipt.
Once you submit manual transactions for approval, you can monitor their approval status in the POS or in your admin dashboard:
  1. In the POS:
    1. Click "Transactions" on the bottom menu bar of the Red Card POS.
    2. Click the blue notification bar at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Click into a specific transaction to see more details or to reupload a receipt to a pending manual transaction.
  2. Via the Admin Dashboard
    1. Login to the Red Card admin dashboard.
    2. Click the "Manual Transactions" tab.

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