What does Red Card do to prevent a noncompliant item from being purchased on the app?

What does Red Card do to prevent a noncompliant item from being purchased on the app?

  • When athletes check into a Location, the athlete must acknowledge “OK” to a pop up that alerts them of the prohibited items available at that Location

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  • Each Location goes through a training regarding use of the tablet and the prohibited items. They also have an alert on their POS identifying items that are not acceptable on the program 

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    • What should I do if a prohibited item was purchased?

      Schools handle noncompliant items differently. Many schools have us pay the Location for the prohibited item purchased and have the athlete reimburse the Athletic Department. Red Card has a service agreement with each Location acknowledging that they ...
    • What does Red Card mark as prohibited?

      Many schools request that we review receipts for alcohol, tobacco, general merchandise, gift cards, supplements, energy drinks and donations. If you consider some of these items acceptable purchases, we ask that you communicate that to us in writing ...
    • What are your policies and procedures around auditing?

      Red Card provides food purchasing and ordering services to athletic organizations that enables their athletes to use a mobile application to purchase approved food products from participating internal food services, restaurants, grocery stores, and ...
    • What prohibited items were purchased by athletes?

      Login to the Dashboard and select Transactions> Show Filter> Add Filter> Status> Adjusted: Prohibited Item> Apply Changes  ​ The default date range will always show the last 7 days. You can modify this to show anything older. When you click the ...
    • What can the Athletic Department do to reduce prohibited items?

      Train your athletes what is and isn’t allowed on Red Card   ​ Require the athlete to pay for the item, either back to the athletic department or the Location